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Published: 31st October 2012
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For those of you that are in the hospitality or health service business, it is an obvious thing that you will be in need of industrial laundry services. This is where we come in for we offer excellent laundry services thus ensuring that your linen is subjected to superior washing.
Furthermore we offer industrial laundry service in London where we have invested in drying and folding equipment that is made from modern and efficient technology to suit your specific needs. Since you have purchased quality linens we as a laundry company have gone ahead and incorporated co friendly services that will help in the utmost preservation of your lines.

We know how time and efficiency are needed in any industrial set up hence the reason why we have employed a staff that is time conscious as well as observes quality in all the workings that we undertake. We pride ourselves in providing outsourced services such as those of providing you our client with towels, pillow cases, speciality linen items and sheets and more sore if you need all of these items to be custom embroidered.

If you are in the industrial segment and you are worried if you contract our laundry service whether we shall be in a position to deliver rapidly especially during peak times and still continue to provide the very same top quality service you need not be worried for we have put forward ample capacity which enables us hire more clean9ing staff promptly if need be so that we keep on delivering as scheduled without sending you to any form of panic.

We run a laundry service company that has grown with leaps and bounds over the years thus enabling us to accord our clients inventory services that enable them to continue ordering stock and getting laundry services from us. We also guarantee our clients to carry out extra work that is required promptly and done professionally.
Superb Industrial Laundry Services
We are a company that values our laundry services and therefore we encourage any of our clients to compile a list of questions that they would love to ask us before they go ahead to give us the job. We shall also make sure we take you around our laundering facility where you will have the chance to look at the equipment that we are using and how often we carry out maintenance services.

For our clients who want us to wash their lines, iron them, fold them and keep them away in the linen shelves, all they have to do is ask us to do so and we shall ensure that anytime linens are needed they are always fresh ones in the storage room.

We know that you have put yourself through a lot of time in finding the most appropriate] laundry service company that ill be able to handle your cleaning capacity. We would love to assure you in the whole of London, ours is a company that believes in working with our clients on a partnership basis since great partnerships helps us understand clearly your needs and how well we can help you achieve them.
NB: in our laundry service business, we have grown in such leaps and bounds that have enabled us be in the best placed position to serve the whole region of London with both industrial and commercial laundry services which are comparable to none.
We have reached a point where now we are in a position of renting a huge range of linen supply to rest homes, motels, backpackers, hotels all through out London and the nearby locations

Nathan Nwachukwu is the CEO of Bennis Services LTD, a facility specializing in ironing, carpet and laundry services. For more information visit::

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